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Gastric plication procedure is a new and innovative type of service from Orange County cosmetic surgeon. This type of bariatric surgery is typically less invasive than many of the more traditional weight loss surgeries that you may be familiar with. This procedure does not require any devices to be implanted and no adjustments to be made after your surgery. Because of this, lap band procedure is less risky and often has fewer complications associated with it. In fact, the surgery can be performed in about 50 minutes and does not require any incisions or stapling of the area where the procedure was performed.

This weight loss procedure reduces the size of the stomach by using non-absorbable surgical sutures. By reducing the size of the stomach in this manner, there is no need to remove any of the stomach tissue. There are also not any foreign implants placed in the body that may cause complications. Because the procedure is less invasive than others, the time required for the patient to remain in the hospital after the surgery is performed is minimal. There are also no complications from leaks or staple line bleeding as in other bariatric surgeries.

Other benefits associated with this type of procedure include the patient not having to drastically change their dietary habits. There is also no food intolerance as in other types of bariatric surgeries. Because the procedure is done using laparoscopic techniques, there is not a need for a large incision and the recovery time is relatively short. The laparoscope features a tiny camera that is attached to the end which allows the surgeon to view images throughout the procedure. This allows the surgeon to completely be aware of what they are doing and they can instantly notice if there are any complications. The amount of weight that a patient loses within the first 6 to 12 months is comparable to the amount of weight lost by patients who have undergone sleeve surgery.

Because this procedure is relatively new, there are only a few surgeons that are able to successfully perform the surgery. If this weight loss surgery seems appealing to you, you should consult with your physician. They will be able to provide you with information that is based on your current level of health and help you determine if this is the right procedure for you. The more you understand about a medical procedure, the better you will know what to expect when you undergo surgery.

While various forms of bariatric surgery have become quite common in recent years, a new type of weight loss procedure, the gastric plication, has shown remarkable promise.

Compared with the earlier, popular procedures, gastric plication surgery (GPS) gives patients the same weight-loss results while being much less invasive, posing minimal risk, and generally allowing for a speedier recovery period.

Similar to other bariatric surgeries, GPS helps patients lose pounds by reducing the size of the stomach, which allows patients to feel full sooner and thus limit caloric intake. There is no type of stapling, surgical excision, or other removal of stomach tissue, and no medical implants need to be inserted into the body.

GPS uses a “gastric sleeve” that is similar to the device used in the sleeve gastrectomy. Unlike other procedures, GPS reduces the stomach capacity by folding the stomach over on itself, and then surgically stitching it closed.

The preliminary results of after CosmetiCare tummy tuck done for severely obese patients have been very promising, and it is being viewed as a safe and effective procedure for weight loss.

The following are some of the benefits of cosmetic surgery, which:

  • Involves no removal of tissue, cutting or stapling
  • Gives patients weight loss results comparable to other currently used weight loss procedures
  • Can be performed as laparoscopic surgery
  • Does not need a medical implant, such as gastric banding
  • Does not cause malabsorption, which is more common in gastric bypass surgery
  • Can be reversed easily
  • Poses minimal risk
  • Has a speedy recovery period
  • Is the least expensive weight loss procedure available

Outside of clinical trials, gastric plication surgery, is being performed by only a few doctors in the United States. And while the short-term results have been promising for gastric plication surgery, it will take ongoing clinical trials and long-term collection of data to fully understand the effects and advantages of the procedure.